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How It Works

HappyClass makes seating charts just like you do, prioritizing each student’s needs, and relationships to keep everyone happy.

Some students need to be near the front. Some students don’t work so well together. Each student’s unique needs are taken into account when generating seating charts.

Enter your students’ preferences and see immediate results. Don’t like the arrangement you see? Generate a completely new one with the push of a button!

HappyClass automatically determines which seat will make each student the happiest. If any student is in a non-ideal position, their happiness will decrease!

What Teachers Are Saying

This application is absolutely wonderful. I simply plug in my students names, tailor their “relationships” based on what I see in the classroom, and let the application “Achieve Happiness.”

Wonderful, absolutely wonderful. Thank you so much for creating something to make my life as a middle school teacher that much easier!

Alex Schroeder, middle school teacher